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I'm a big fan of ACP Expert, especially the scheduler. I literally load hundreds of projects in advance, and the scheduler has an intelligent dispatcher that does start up, shutdown, and literally operates the observatory for months without human intervention.

Rob Capon, Charlottesville, VA

ACP Expert is working since several months without problems (no restart, no bug). You really did a wonderful job that impresses all my colleagues in professional observatories (and it is not so easy, believe me!).

St├ęphane Basa, University of Marseilles, France

ACP Expert is the best observatory automation software on the market. I've been using ACP for 8+ years with 56,000+ imaging hours across 20+ remote telescopes. Bob's support is great. ACP and Scheduler is simple to setup and use.

Brad Moore - iTelescope.net, Australia, Spain, New Mexico

Last Sunday night, I went to bed with it raining, got up in the AM, it was raining, and found that for three hours during the night the rain and clouds had cleared... oh and yeah the observatory had grabbed a bunch of super pictures during that time...get the idea???

Dr. Peter Prendergast, Kernersville, NC

Having ACP Expert working for you is incredible. You set the targets and decide on what, how much, and sit back and spend your energy on processing the data. ACP honestly helped me quit smoking!

Steve Reilly, Scottsville, VA

...cruising at 30,000 feet on the way to the East Coast controlling my observatory. I love technology. The ACP Expert web interface works great on in-flight WiFi.

Paul Gardner, Pasadena, CA

I know that ACP Expert can seem expensive, but in my case, a comparatively small investment in automation software (probably 3% of the cost of my observatory) has resulted in a 10-fold gain in productivity.

Rob Capon, Charlottesville, VA

A shout-out for ACP Expert: last night over 6 hours I captured 480 BVR photometry images while I slept -- all centered and focused. Only problem is now what to do with that 15GB of data! I want to thank you -- both for ACP and your support for users.

Mark Williams, Austin TX